Monday, April 7, 2014

Photo A Day, Day 7: Where I'd Rather Be

For all that I'm a hardy New Englander, I do love warm weather and sunshine. So most of the time, if you were to ask me in the early spring where I would rather be at the moment, I would answer something like "Aruba," or "on a Caribbean cruise," or "on a tropical beach." But since we've had a week of warm, sunshine-filled weather, I'm not craving the tropics as I usually am this time of year. There is somewhere I'm craving to be, though - or, more accurately, there is somewhere I'm looking forward to being: New York City.

For our 6th wedding anniversary in a few weeks, my husband and I are planning on spending a weekend in the Big Apple, seeing a few shows, having dinner at some interesting restaurants, and just generally taking in the excitement and hustle and bustle of New York City. And also, reliving our very first trip together, nearly six and a half years ago.

I love New York just because I love New York, but ever since that trip, I also love it because of the wonderful memories of falling more in love with my sweetheart there. We weren't married then, we weren't even officially engaged, but we had discussed marriage and we both knew privately that this was The One. (As a matter of fact, we shopped for engagement rings at Tiffany's on that trip!) In some ways, this was our pre-honeymoon: It was a chance to spend a few days together, 24/7, to get to know each other better, and to suss out whether or not we had any weird, quirky, as-yet-undiscovered habits that would drive each other crazy. It turns out, we did both have some weird and quirky habits, but nothing that drove the other crazy. This trip served to confirm, in both our minds, that we were well-matched.

So this picture shows one place I'd rather be right now: New York City. But it also shows me in my sweetheart's arms, and that's always where I'd rather be.

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